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Import-export, forwarding, transportation, specialized in reefer

Your expert in fiscal representation

Your expert in fiscal representation

Eolis Belgium NV acting as your global fiscal representative in Belgium for VAT purposes.

For the below mentioned transactions, Eolis Belgium NV acts as global fiscal representative for several companies.

The Belgian VAT identification number used for the incoming and outgoing transactions of goods to and from Belgium is BE0796.541.729.

Acting as fiscal representative means that Eolis Belgium NV is :

  • jointly liable along  for the payment of taxes interest and fines concerning the Belgian transactions
  • is subrogated to the rights and obligations as laid down in the VAT Code.
  • is obliged to file the periodical VAT returns, EC sales listings, yearly sales listing and Intrastat return in name and for the account of several companies.
  • In view of the fact that it concerns a global fiscal representation, the VAT and Intrastat filing is combined for all represented companies.


Transactions in Belgium 
The transactions that can be performed in Belgium under the global representation of Eolis Belgium NV are limited to the following:

  •  Import of goods in Belgium (with payment of Belgian VAT at import or exempt imports, depending on the case)
  •  Supplies of the imported goods shipped from Belgium to locations in Belgium, in other EU Member States and in non-EU countries.

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Your expert in fiscal representation