Import-Export, forwarding, transport, specialized in refrigerated goods

A multi-service logistics company
specialized in reefer
Import-export, forwarding, transportation, specialized in reefer

Our logistical partner in the port of Antwerp

Eurofruitports (EFP) is our strong Antwerp Leftbank reefer port partner with excellent connections to hinterland destinations via mainroads and sufficient barge connections to the important European ports.

EFP is specialized in handling fruit and perishables (mainly bananas) situated at  a multi-purpose water bound terminal containing:

  • 13.600 sqm coldstore
  • 8.100 sqm dry warehouse for export
  • Container hub & repair site of 17.500 sqm and 500 reefer plugs


  • Expertise in stevedoring
  • Experience and reliable in Warehouse Management
  • Excellent Warehouse Management system with barcode scanning for track and trace.
  • FAVV (Ministery of Agriculture) approved
  • Experienced and skilled employees to provide various Value Added Services
  • Organic certified

For further info do not hesitate to contact EFP directly on


Our logistical partner in the port of Antwerp
Our logistical partner in the port of Antwerp